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SharePoint Online – corporate intranet in cloud

SharePoint Online gives you the ability to access intranet at any time and place, without having to create physical infrastructure, both as an independent product and as an Office 365 product.

Functionalities of SharePoint Online application

By making a decision on cloud version of SharePoint, you and your co-workers will benefit from advantages of intranet software. The management of key business processes as well as their ongoing analysis, will become easier than ever. In addition, you will be able to streamline the workflow within company as well as in relationships with customers and contractors. SharePoint Online gives employees a tool to create individual branches of their own sites, on which all data may be collected and used to increase productivity.

Importantly, the mobile intranet system features automatic updates and maintenance, saving your time and increasing safety. Moreover, the software is 100% scaled, therefore, it is not a problem to extend it by new modules, accordingly to changing needs of a company.

Availble from anywhere

Nowadays, mobility and accessibility are very important. You can use SharePoint Online at your home ot on the road, because the application allows the access to various mobile devices.


SharePoint Online provides you with a full security for your data, as data centres are geographically dispersed. With many functionalities that SharePoint Online offers, you have the ability to instantly recover your lost data.

Analysis and conclusions

SharePoint Online provides you with a tool which lets you be instantly familiar with activities across all sites and groups. Track your team’s progress and react immediately to the most important events with special activity views. Always have control over each user and streamline team communication. Save time with tools such as intelligent files recommendation.