Outsourcing IT

Does your company use modern IT solutions, yet the cost of administering become a serious barrier for the company development? Or maybe you lack qualified managers, who would be able to manage effectively the IT projects? We offer professional IT outsourcing, which can help you achieve a number of tangible benefits.

Our services

Our qualified team of programmers can undertake as a part of an outsourcing agreement the following work:

  • Comprehensive management of all types of IT projects.
  • Programming work based on Microsoft technology.
  • Implementation of SharePoint intranet systems, their maintenance, migrations and current update to the latest version.
  • Taking care of Client's data security incl. Backups.
  • Conducting IT audits to monitor the performance of the implemented systems.
  • Identification and implementation in accordance with the client's needs of innovative solutions.
  • Immediate actions in case of emergency.
  • IT programming and administration.

Potential benefits

  • The know-how value – we are a team of qualified programmers, who will provide your company with access to valuable knowledge and skills. Each of us passes regular training, which results in gaining prestigious Microsoft certifications. So you gain the guarantee of high quality services.
  • The increased efficiency and productivity – if you decide to depute us with outsourcing, you will be able to relieve the full-time employees, who can at the time do other key activities in the company. This will transfer directly into increasing efficiency of their work and thus increase profits. You will also prevent failures in the implementation of projects, which often result from employee absenteeism and other unforeseen events.
  • Financial savings– hiring our programmers is associated with significant financial savings. Deciding to outsource you will not be charged any additional fees for renting office space or/and purchasing hardware and software. Moreover, you will not have to training your workers or carry out costly and time-consuming recruitment processes.
  • Competitiveness – we implement the most innovative IT solutions, using our international cooperation experience. Using our knowledge, you get a significant competitive advantage in the market.
  • Speed – we implement methods developed by us to optimize processes in organizations.