Portfolio / Risk Management System

Risk Management System

Based on the SharePoint platform risk control system, which will sooner or later affect both small businesses and how large companies.

With the development of the market there are newer types of threats. It is important to timely identify such risks and effectively prevented. For this purpose, we have created software to automate the risk management processes so that it is possible to significantly reduce the losses incurred due to unforeseen events.

Other projects

The real estate contracts database

We prepared an application to storage contracts relating to the properties, based on SharePoint.

Public MAV website

We designed a public website for MAV, using RWD (Responsive Web Design) techniques.

Calculation module

We developed route length calculations module for compamny dealing with logistics and transport.

Gödecke Logistik Mobile Application

We created mobile app to support work of delivery drivers in german logistics company Gödecke Logistik.