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Microsoft Sharepoint

At any company, where are present:

  • documents and files flow,
  • the organizational hierarchy,
  • the need for internal communication
  • repetitive processes,

SharePoint is and intelligent solution for coordination of the above listed aspects of the business.

Even though SharePoint can be considered as extensive, there are always unusual needs, where SharePoint itself is not enough.

In this case, we can implement new functions so that they supply SharePoint with missing solutions and at the same time is a coherent mechanism.

In any case, when it comes to:

  • improvement of SharePoint mechanisms,
  • enrichment of SharePoint with new and original modules tailored for our particular client,
  • customizing the SharePoint platform according to visual ID of the company (branding)
  • adding public site to the existing internal one,
  • programming specific elements such as: WEB PART, PAGE LAYOUT, and SHAREPOINT FEATURE. WORKFLOW, SharePoint lists schema, specific for client's industry,
  • implementation of any other custom items

We are ready and willing to carry out such projects.

List of exemplary implementation showing the veracity of implemented solutions:

  • automation of reporting and processing leave requests,
  • visualisation of the geographic data such as point on the map which can be filtered and dynamically uploaded from data base,
  • dynamically presented list of branch offices retrieved from SharePoint data in both text and graphics on the map with the possibility of filtering it by narrowing the distance of a particular point,
  • system that implements the internal logic of documents flow, specific for particular company (data bank),
  • transport costs converting system, which is also generating documents for Transport Company based on SharePoint lists,
  • convenient login system for work time,
  • system for assigning tasks to employees with regard to the order of performing the steps of the particular task,
  • improvement system for process of items renting
  • accessible mechanism presenting correlation between documents,
  • convenient mechanism for creating new users of SharePoint platform within the Web pages interface.

Our solutions based on SharePoint guarantee you:

  • reliability, which in provided by a market leader in software - Microsoft,
  • economy, as cost is less of a universal backbone of any solution, which is a SharePoint platform,
  • scalability, because our solution can be successfully applied, used both in small companies and corporations employing thousands of workers,
  • customization, as at every stage of the project – estimation, designing the architecture and interface, implementation, testing, maintenance – are accomplished within a close cooperation with the client