Programming / Intranet Designing

Intranet designing

Introducing modern intranet system into processes of the company, allows achieving a significant competitive advantages. The implementation of this solution brings numerous benefits such as costs reduction, information flow improvement, and improvement of the whole company image.

We focus on functionality

For the intranet system to fulfil its functions, it should comply with the standards of functionality, intuitiveness and esthetical. Only this way, the employees can easily and quickly search all necessary information for proper project execution.

We create intranets that fit in current trends, which are the reason why they are an impeccable card for the company. We are always happy to find a remedy between form and content at the same time meeting the highest standards in terms of visual.

Business documents at your fingertips

ocuments flow within the company is usually associated with the absorption of a lot of money and time. We solve this problem by designing intranet systems allowing for automation in this area.

Most importantly, we provide a guarantee that all clients’ data is confidential. So our client can forward all documents such as letters, offer patterns, regulations, protocols, contracts, invoices and/or any types of visual ID elements with no fear.

Communication of the XXI century

Our Intranet applications allow for effective communication between various departments in the company. Thus, the most important information reaches immediately the right decision-makers and then staff members.

Our software allows for an efficient management of access to information, which is possible by creating accounts with various levels of access. We also implement social mechanisms for our clients, as well as chat rooms and discussion forums. This results in proper culture in company, and allows employees integration.

We provide intranet platforms that also facilitate planning processes, training and control of the subordinates work. They can be also used for video conferences or conducting periodic tests useful for verifying skills and knowledge of the employees.

Support at each stage

Our services also include post-implementation support of the software. We organise service training, provide post-implementation and a comprehensive warranty service. Moreover, we offer possibility to expand the system implemented with additional functions prior to the emerging needs of the company.